Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Football Season!

Take a look at what's in the shop!  These items are mostly red and white for the Arkansas Razorbacks, but if you see something you want in your school colors, I will be happy to make it for you!  Click on a photo to go to the source.
 arkansas razorback blanket
Wool blankets for those cozy weather tailgating parties...
Who can forget a cute purse for those ballgames?
A small fabric basket for giving or holding napkins
Felt rosies for your flat shoe toesies...

More real football season things to come, stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hostess Gifts

Take a look, there are so many sweet hostess gift ideas - some are perfect for teachers and neighbors as well - and these won't blow your budget!  Some are bought, some are made, just click on a photo to go to it's source.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Vignette

We have a teeny tiny entry at this house, it is just big enough for a small chest of drawers which holds a lamp.  There is just enough room next to the lamp for a small vignette.  We clothes pinned the leaves the kids made onto a small branch for our Thankfulness tree, quickly made the bunting from scraps, and pulled some gourds from the table for color.  At this point, I am a little done with fall.  The weather is colder, the trees have dropped their leaves, and the only thing keeping me from erupting into Christmas cheer is guilt of skipping over Thanksgiving (which I love, really I do, I am just done decorating for fall).  This little vignette involves the kids and is so simple.

Fall Thankful Leaves

Don't you just love the changing leaves?  I am so thankful we have had such a beautiful fall!  Our trees are starting to drop their leaves, and our kids (me too!) love to hunt for the most colorful ones.  I would love to go crazy and decorate with them.  They don't last long though, without being preserved.  You can encase them in waxed paper like this...
Or dip them in melted wax like this...
Instead of preserving, we decided to capture their essence - which kills two three birds with one stone - for a decoration by the front door until Thanksgiving, something fun to make together, and as a good way to talk about being thankful.

We found a few different shapes and sizes.  The colors don't matter quite so much for this project, more the shape and size of the leaves.  You will need some paper thick enough to hold up to water color paint, but not too thick too feel the leaves underneath, white crayon (not washable), water color paints, a Sharpie pen and some scissors.

First, peel your crayon.  This is a tedious job for adults, but a strangely calming one for kids.  Plus, it takes them a few minutes, so it's a win win!

Lay out the leaves so that they don't touch or overlap.  Make sure they will fit under the paper.

We put them under a piece of thick white paper and using a white crayon, rubbed over them.  

It's hard to see, but it's there!  I think the not seeing is what makes it the most fun.  Because when you start to paint, like magic, it shows up!

Using watercolor paints, we painted over the white crayon.

We wrote who and what they are thankful for with a Sharpie to hang on our thankful tree.  We made a couple of special ones to send the grandparents.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Kid's Table

Growing up, gatherings at my grandparents' were always large, loud affairs, with the smell of smoked turkey hanging heavily in the house (you could smell it outside too!), laughter and squabbling of the many cousins, and the lingering scent of my aunt's perfume after being hugged mightily.

There were too many kids to fit at an actual kids table, so we ate sitting on a vinyl Christmas tablecloth in the living room floor.  It came in handy, someone always spilled their milk.  Even as the "kids" all grew older, some in college even, we still sat on the floor at that tablecloth.  And someone STILL always spilled their milk.

Our families are small still, we only have one cousin on one side.  The kids sit at the table with the adults.  I wish that my kids could grow up surrounded by as many cousins as I am blessed with.  If there was to be a kids table, there are so many creative options now!  I can't see how anyone would gripe about being stuck at the kids table now...take a look at some of these fantastic ideas.  Click on a photo or the "via" to go to each source.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Findings

Just some fun/helpful things from around the web...enjoy & Happy Friday!